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I feel that I need to clear something up in terms of my political background, I was Conservative Candidate for Southfield in the 2007, 2008, 2010 and 2011 local elections and I sat as a Conservative when I was a member of Nelson Town Council between 2008 and 2011.

I am not currently a paid member of any political party and I’m independent of party instruction, I believe in small government, a strong law and order system, personal freedom, lower taxes and a referendum on Britain’s continued membership of the European Union, but any referendum has to offer an “in” or “out” question, not one of renegotiated membership.  I’m very much a Libertarian.



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Euro Budget Vote – Interesting Times!

The Government defeat in this week’s parliamentary vote on the European Union budget proved to be interesting for me, as I hadn’t bargained on so many Conservative MPs being as opposed to this as I’d first thought, let alone the refreshing sight of so many of the 2010 intake flexing their muscles for such a worthwhile cause.

This week’s vote proves that there are a significant number of members on the Conservative benches who do not like what the EU is up to and have the desire to require the Union to live within its means and reflect the economic circumstances we are living in at the moment.  The hand wringing and blatant complaining from some countries in the EU has been predictable to say the least, they complain that the British don’t want to pay their share, I disagree and would ask the representatives of those member states who receive more than they contribute to consider what they say before biting one of  the hands that feeds them.  The fact is that this country pays more into the EU than it ought to and is being asked to pay more whilst we are having to make big savings at home, this is a ridiculous state of affairs and can only come from the beaurocrats in the European Commission who prove time after time that they are completely beyond reality.

From a purely personal point of view, I’m a firm believer in at the very least reducing the amount of money the UK pays into the EU.  I like Europeans, I just don’t like the EU, its apologists, protagonists and what the thing stands for other than free trade.  The complete federalist fanaticism of the two “Presidents”, Barroso and Van Rompuy, which I find deeply disturbing and I believe their disregard for democracy and democratic expression is dangerous for both this country and the nation states of Europe.  Let me clear one thing up, I’ve been to Belgium and find the Belgians to be very pleasant, warm and welcoming people, I just happen to seriously dislike Herman Van Rompuy and his idea of creating some kind of tinpot federal superstate which disregards nation state democracy.  I believe in free trade but not political, financial and social union, I’m proud to acknowledge that my political creed is one of small government, low taxes and Euroscepticism.

It’s time to take a very hard line with the Commission and teach Barroso and Van Rompuy the meaning of the word “no” once and for all.






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My Break From Blogging

After the 2011 local elections, I decided to take a break from political activities and take the opportunity to enjoy interests that I’d to some extent put on hold whilst I was running my campaign and serving Southfield as a member of Nelson Town Council.

I’ve been enjoying city breaks and mini cruises to destinations in Belgium and The Netherlands as well as doing some photography and model making.  The mini cruise and hotel break combination is a very enjoyable way to travel and I’ve become something of a semi regular traveller with P&O Ferries from their base in Hull.  

The P&O Ferries routes to Rotterdam and Zeebrugge are an excellent way to begin and end a break away to Amsterdam, Bruges or Rotterdam and I cannot recommend the service highly enough.  I’ve always had an interest in ships and the sea and I can combine that with my interests in architecture, travel, history and transport in one package.

I’m back blogging, because I feel I’m somehow missing something political in my life and I’m now watching the goings on in the borough as an interested observer more than anything.




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Success For St Paul’s School Campaigners

I was very pleased to note that the campaign by residents in the Walverden area of Nelson to have St. Paul’s School relocated to the old Edge End site has been successful.

The most amusing part of this is that the local Labour Party are attempting to take the credit for this decision being made.  I understood that the campaign was run by residents in the Walverden area, led by Mr. Neil McGowan, I happen to know Neil and he’s an active campaigner in the local Conservative Party too.  The remarks made by County Councillor George Adam about Neil smacked of sheer sour grapes and completely failed to take into account the amount of sheer hard work Neil, his wife Ailsa and Walverden residents put into winning what can only be described as a victory for common sense.

I also felt that the little digs made against Mr. Stephenson MP and Pendle Council Leader Councillor Cooney were more than a little unpleasant.  The fact of the matter is that the final decision on the school relocation was made by CONSERVATIVE run Lancashire County Council and not by Nelson’s Laburistas.


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Common Sense Prevails Over Boundary Proposals

The revised proposals for the new boundaries of the Pendle Constituency are very welcome indeed.  Rather than abolishing Pendle as we know it, the proposed new constituency boundaries are very good for Pendle, as all of the wards currently included remain as they are and the proposal to add Briercliffe and Cliviger and Worsthorne are good, straightforward common sense.

The Boundary Commission report has been welcomed by all of the borough’s political parties, although I couldn’t help note that the Labour leader, Councillor Iqbal used the announcement to make a personal attack on Pendle’s Member of Parliament, Andrew Stephenson.  I found this rather distasteful, and would ask Councillor Iqbal what exactly has Mr. Stephenson done to upset him so much?  

I suspect the answer lies in the fact that Andrew has proven himself to be an excellent constituency Member of Parliament and goes out of his way to do a lot of work to actually help Pendle’s residents rather than play petty political games, quite unlike his predecessor who didn’t exactly make working with the then ruling councillors on the borough council his main priority.  Andrew on the other hand actually does work with the borough and county councils to the benefit of local residents.



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Thank You For Voting

A big thank you to everyone who voted for me in both the Borough and Town Council elections.  I would like to congratulate Councillor David Whalley, our new Borough Councillor and the  five winning Town Councillors on their wins.

For me personally, it’s time to take a rest and take the opportunity to pursue my other interests.

This year has been a difficult one for Conservatives here in Southfield, and the poll result reflected dissatisfaction with the government in national terms.  It was an honour and a privilege to have been able to represent Southfield as a Town Councillor for the past three years and I would like to thank everyone who supported me during my time in office.  I would like to take this opportunity to wish those who now represent our area well as they embark on their term in office.

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Today Is The Day To Vote For Change

Today is polling day in both the Borough and Town Council elections, and I urge you to think very carefully before you vote.  I ask you to think whether you really want to carry on with the same old Labour Party which has allowed Nelson to continue declining and done nothing to improve our town or take the opportunity to try a new positive and “can do” approach that is offered to the people of both Southfield and Nelson from the Conservatives.

Perpetual Labour representation has not done anything for Southfield, we have the same problems we had years ago.  Labour would not have frozen your council tax like the Conservatives have, instead they would carry on grabbing more and more of your money and transferring it to other areas of the town to benefit their own interests there.

Southfield and Southfielders need a fresh start, free of Labour’s outdated ideology.  Today is the day to vote for a new direction for Southfield, and I believe I offer that change our area so badly needs.

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